Travel Bass

A beautiful and functional design, for ease of use and versatility.

Highest quality woods varieties, carefully selected and worked in Italy.
The best craftsmanship by the finest Italian luthiers, for the best genuine acoustic feeling and sound.


TravelBass combines wisely all these essentials aspects fundamentals for a great instrument:
making the TravelBass the best electric upright bass ever.

The precise and researched use of different and specific verities of woods makes the TravelBass acoustic chamber free to resonate and quick to respond thanks to the lightweight of cedar wood, while the central transversal section of ovangkol and maple, working as a catena, gives stability and a uniform vibration all along the instrument.

Its unique shape, with its distinctive constellation ofround sound holes, combined with hand made inner thicknesses makes the sound of the TravelBass the most similar to the sound of a traditional double bass: amazingly acoustic, full of harmonics and sustain.
The Italian tradition and knowledge of string instrument making is completely followed and respected: the inner surface of the TravelBass soundboard is worked by hand, carving the thickness with different depths in different portions of the soundboard, according to the natural characteristics of the rough piece of wood.

The innovative design of TravelBass dismounting system consists of: two foldable wooden shoulders, which replace the exact outline of a classic double bass, which can be also adjusted in three different sizes, to find your own favourite tactile feeling with the instrument.
A dismountable neck, with its distinctive hollow headstock, which comprises the true TravelBass innovation: a cut fingerboard which can be divided two parts and rejoined perfectly together without any gap or perceptible imperfection: just a smooth and flawless ebony fingerboard.

travel bass